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My coaching is based on John Kohl’s Global English. Participants will learn how to produce crisp, hard-hitting, professional English and how to write faster.

Read below to learn what participants say.

My aim is to liberate good ideas and solid products from English that is vague, wordy, and often distorted with awkward grammar. Participants will learn simple principles to write more clearly, edit their own texts, better structure their ideas, compose strong executive summaries, and avoid non-native-speaker mistakes.

Many of the skills taught in the English Writing Seminar for Professionals are those that Anglo-American students learn in college writing classes, but condensed into an intense, professional-level training.

You will get

  • highly interactive classroom sessions
  • one-on-one coaching
  • instruction that uses materials written by your firm
  • an expert evaluation of your English products
  • techniques for better arguments
  • the principles of Global English
  • tips for writing more clearly and faster

Each class includes tailored-to-your-work sessions on

  • Composition
  • Organization and structure
  • Wording and phrasing
  • Tone
  • Prepositions
  • Advanced grammar and punctuation
  • Writing and publishing tips
  • Emails and executive summaries

One-day courses on editing, basic journalism, and environmental journalism are also available.

*Prices do not include taxes for German clients.

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Writing coach
Writing coach
Writing coach
Writing coach
Writing coach
Writing coach
Writing coach
Writing coach