Two-day coaching in your offices

This is the course preferred by clients who work every day in professional English and want their writing products at the highest possible level. It entails two morning sessions (in total eight hours) of highly interactive instruction using Power Point, handouts, and examples from your texts. I will analyze up to 120 pages of your group’s work and structure the seminar around those areas I deem most relevant.

You will learn how to recognize your mistakes, revise effectively, formulate clear sentences, use phrases intelligible to other non-native speakers, better organize arguments, and apply punctuation to your advantage. In the afternoons, I will work one-on-one with each participant while the others do office work in their offices. Thus, your afternoons are largely dedicated to your job. In the one-on-one, we will work with a text that you have recently – or are currently – writing. We will apply the principles introduced during the morning sessions. The amount of one-on-one time per participant depends on the group’s size (usually about an hour).

Two-day seminar in your office or remotely. Cost: €1,850 (not incl. tax for German groups or travel/accommodation costs)

Course Facts

Coach: Paul Hockenos
Location: in your office or remotely
Date: By appointment
Modus: in your offices remotely
Price: 1850 €

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    Testimonial for Two-day seminar in your offices

    Two-day coaching in your offices
    Berlin analyst, German Council on Foreign Relations think tank lab
    Two-day coaching in your offices
    Dr. Miriam Weinel, 
Change and Communication, Merck KGaA
    Two-day coaching in your offices
    adelphi consulting, Berlin
    Two-day coaching in your offices
    Thomas Rausch, 
Project Manager, Sustainable Economies
 Bertelsmann Stiftung
    Two-day coaching in your offices
    Fatma Dirkes, Head of International Advisory Services, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management